The Site

The Site

The application site is 0.89 Ha in area and is located at the junction of Brownhill Way and Frogmore Lane, in the north west of the city. Brownhill Way links into Junction 1 of the M27 (approximately 600m to the west of the site) and the proposed store will be well placed to serve residents living on the west and north sides of the city, as well as in adjoining areas across the border in Test Valley.

The site forms part of the Bargain Farm estate, which is now being developed for mixed uses, and is currently agricultural land. To the east is Frogmore Lane and a David Lloyd Health and Fitness centre; to the south runs Brownhill Way beyond which is housing; the adjoining land to the north is also open land that is allocated for development within the Test Valley Local Plan

The site is situated just inside Southampton City Council’s administrative area and is not allocated for any specific use within the Southampton Local Plan. The adjoining land immediately to the north and west is within Test Valley Borough and is allocated in the Test Valley Local Plan for a Park & Ride and employment development.

Site Location Plan

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Lidl Brownhill Way, Southampton – Site Location Plan