Reasons to Support Us

Reasons to Support Us

  • While Limited Assortment Discounters such as Lidl have become an increasingly popular destination for food shopping, there is currently no such store in this northwest area of the city. The new Lidl will therefore provide a qualitative improvement in food shopping and will reduce the need to travel to stores further afield (the nearest existing Lidl stores are in Totton and Shirley).
  • The proposed Lidl will provide a quantitative and qualitative improvement to this areas retail offer, will create 40 new jobs. Lidl have a strong commitment to their employees and were the first supermarket operator to adopt the Living Wage (in October 2015). Pay was increased again to the new living wage in March 2018.
  • The development of the foodstore accords with the National Planning Policy Framework which encourages and supports sustainable development.
  • The new store will improve choice and promote competition with up to 30% cost savings;
  • Lidl stock a variety of unique product lines which are not available from other mainstream retailers; and
  • Lidl is the highest performing supermarket in the UK with 80% of its British fresh produce bearing the Red Tractor logo¹, so you can be assured that you are buying British.


  • The proposed development will provide a high-quality contemporary building, built to Lidl’s new specification, which will act as a gateway feature at the this entrance into the city.
  • The modern building will provide a light, spacious sales area, extensive glazing to the southern elevation, and will be constructed using high quality materials.
  • New landscaping will be provided that will improve the appearance of the site and encourage bio-diversity.


  • Sustainable construction techniques will be employed as well as the use of sustainable materials;
  • Lidl operate a highly energy efficient business with a strong commitment to recycling and the use of energy efficient equipment and techniques within the store to reduce carbon emissions; and
  • The store will serve a large residential catchment, and will be easily accessible by a choice of modes of transport.

On the way to a better tomorrow

1According to independent Red Tractor survey of samples taken in Food Labelling Audit May 2011