The Site

The Site

The subject site fronts on to Banister Road and Hulse Road, and is situated to the rear of commercial properties fronting on to The Avenue.  Since around the 1950s it has been used for car sales and repairs and is currently occupied by Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships.  The proposed development involves the demolition of the Jaguar showroom, the vehicle workshops and car wash, and their replacement with a modern Lidl store and customer car park.  The majority of the Land Rover showroom at the junction of Banister Road and The Avenue is excluded from the planning application and will be retained and repurposed for reuse for new commercial uses.

The site has become available for development and has been purchased by Lidl, following a decision by HA Fox Jaguar and Hunters Land Rover to relocate to new more modern premises at the old Ford Transit factory in Swaythling.

The site is situated almost equidistant from the City Centre, Portswood District Centre and Shirley Town Centre and the new store will be well placed to serve residents in The Polygon/Inner Avenue/Portswood/Highfield areas of the city, as well as travellers entering and leaving the city along the A33.  It will provide competition for the Aldi store on Bevois Valley Road, which is currently the only discount foodstore serving this area of the city, and will improve choice for local shoppers.

The site is bounded by an NHS clinic to the north; Doves Vauxhall car dealership to the south and a parade of shops/food & drink outlets fronting on to The Avenue to the east.  To the west, across Hulse Road, are a number of residential apartments.  The impact on this housing is expected to be positive in comparison to the existing car dealerships because: a) the new store building will be positioned along the western side of the site and so will screen noise from the car park; b) the site’s existing access on to Hulse Road will be closed off; and c) the few delivery vehicles that will visit the store each day will be significantly smaller than the car transporters that currently service the car dealerships.

Site Location Plan

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Site Location Plan – Lidl Banister Road, Southampton